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International Travel Tips

SSR provides this travel information as a courtesy to meeting attendees. It is the responsibility of each attendee to ensure that she/he has the necessary documents, including those for entry into another country or re-entry into his/her own country. It is recommended that you check with your institution's travel department for specific guidance in these matters.

United States Visitors

U.S. citizens 18 and over are required to show a U.S. federal- or state-issued photo ID at airports. See TSA Requirements for the most up-to-date information.

International Visitors

All international visitors to the United States are required to have a valid passport, and some visitors may need a tourist visa. Please consult the embassy or consulate in your own country well in advance of travel to ensure that the appropriate documentation is obtained. We encourage foreign scientists planning to attend the SSR Annual Meeting to apply for a visa as early as possible (at least six months in advance is recommended) and to pay careful attention to U.S. State Department guidance in this matter.

The website of The National Academies' International Visitors Office (IVO) contains very useful information for scientists traveling to the U.S.


All embassies are in Washington, D.C. For consulates in St. Louis, click here.

Letters of Invitation

If a visa is required for you to visit the United States, you will also need to carry a letter of invitation. If you require a Letter of Invitation, please email administrator@ssr.org with your request. Please include your preferred mailing address.

Currency Exchange

US Bank operates a branch at the airport offering full banking and foreign currency exchange services. They are located on the lower level of Terminal 1, near the C Gates security checkpoint.  Hours of operation are Monday - Friday, 8:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. They can be reached by phone at (314) 429-1248.

Additionally, Bank ATMs are prevalent throughout St. Louis should you wish to use your bank card or credit card.

Traveling with Disabilities

Visitors who have physical or other challenges can still have a fantastic time in St. Louis. Special services are widely available, and access to trails, buildings, and attractions is continually being improved. Here are some helpful resources:

Wheelchair Access

The Americans with Disabilities Act states that all public buildings must be wheelchair accessible and have accessible restrooms. Most hotels and attractions are now outfitted with wide doorways and wheelchair ramps. City streets now feature a growing number of sidewalk corners with dropped curbs, and some public transit vehicles are equipped with lifts. Many state and national parks now have fully accessible ADA trails. If you need details, call destinations and services in advance.

Help for Hearing & Memory impaired

If you have limitations seeing, hearing, speaking, remembering, or moving which affects your ability to make or receive phone calls, dial 711 to have a specially trained communications assistant relay telephone conversations for all of your calls while you are in St. Louis.ownload their mobile apps to get started.

General Information

Average St. Louis Temperatures






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9 days



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7 days



6 days



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Time Zone

Missouri is in the Central Time Zone (CST), which is 5-6 hours earlier than Greenwich Mean Time. The clock moves ahead an hour here for daylight saving time (DST) which is in effect from 1:00am on the second Sunday in March to 1:00am on the first Sunday in November.

Plug Adapters

The United States uses 110 to 120 volts AC (60 cycles). Chances are you’ll need an American plug adapter to power and charge your phone, tablet, laptop, camera, razor, electric toothbrush, and other electronics while in St. Louis. Universal plug adapters that work in more than 150 countries are available online.

U.S. Customs 

For details and information on what you’re allowed to bring home, consult your home country’s customs services agency. In the U.S., direct questions to www.cbp.gov or call 877-227-5511.


The state sales tax is 4.225%

Directory Assistance

For local numbers, dial 411; for long distance, dial 1 plus the area code plus 555-1212; for toll-free numbers, call (800) 555-1212.


You can call 911 toll-free from any public telephone to obtain emergency police, fire, or medical assistance.

Liquor/Tobacco Laws

Alcohol is sold throughout Missouri to people age 21 and older. The legal drinking age is 21.

You must be age 21 or older to purchase tobacco products in the state. Smoking is prohibited in all public buildings (including restaurants, bars, and casinos) and enclosed spaces throughout Missouri. It is illegal to smoke within 20 feet of doorways or windows of government buildings. Most large hotels have designated smoking rooms; if you smoke, request one—most hotels will fine guests who smoke inside a nonsmoking room.

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